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You are a direct result of your hormone balance. If they are out of balance you are going to feel it! Trust me! If you’re shorter tempered, holding water retention, extra emotional or struggling to lose weight despite being 100% on the plan it could be that your hormones are out of balance. I’ve worked with many clients who have struggled to hit their goals due to hormone imbalances, although it’s not impossible to progress, it becomes somewhat of an uphill battle. I have always been an advocate of getting regular blood work done, especially if your hoping to keep yourself in tip-top health and physical shape. I ask for the Doctor to print off my results and seek to research what the causes are to whatever deficiencies my clients or I may have. BUT BEWARE there are “medical solutions” to all deficiencies, BUT seek healthy alternative solutions via nutrition, lifestyle changes and homoeopathic treatment rather than a “quick fix tablet” from your local GP. If after making the appropriate changes naturally, your levels do not change or persist then and only then would I recommend pharmaceutical amendments.

We as a species are incredible, our bodies are designed to take a great strain, achieve incredible feats and all of the while our bodies adapt and improve every step of the way. Becoming more and more resilient and strong! At some point in human civilisation, we lost this “survival of the fittest” mentality and became a species with excuses, and “easy routes” and it’s killing us! Yes, we’re able to keep us alive longer via the massive range of pharmaceutical treatments available today. We’re able to keep people alive who abuse their selves and have no respect for their bodies. Ask yourself if this world demanded more of a “fight for survival” lifestyle like our ancestors, would you make the grade? would you be in a position to hold your own against whatever the world threw at you? not only physically but mentally. I fear we have become soft and sensitive as a species. That’s what makes gymnasiums magical places. I think of the gym as a training ground for whatever the hell life throws at me! If you put yourself through physical pain regularly and live a lifestyle of balance and discipline you’re going to live a happier life. FACT!


Training during the Menstrual cycle is an area which is commonly misunderstood. Ladies go through a shift in hormone dominance during “lady week” you switch from oestrogen dominance to progesterone dominance. During these different phases, it’s important to understand how your body works and what it responds better too during each phase. Tips for cardio during each phase…

Just before the ovulation period (around a week into the menstrual cycle) your oestrogen is at its peak. During this period you should make the most of the oestrogen dominance and try accordingly. Whilst oestrogen is dominant favour high-intensity interval training. high metabolic response training would be a great choice. for the first 2 weeks of the month before the ovulation period. THEN just after the ovulation period, your oestrogen drops below progesterone, which takes hormone dominance. I’m sure most of you ladies notice a shift in your motivation and mood during this period, which brings me back to my point about being a product of your hormones. During the second half of your menstrual cycle, whilst progesterone is dominant favour low intensity “fat burning” style cardio choices (LISS) like walking, swimming or anything that’s going to raise your HR slightly above the normal rate and do this for longer periods of time, 30 mins minimum. Your carb tolerance is lower during this phase so favouring fat burning cardio would be my recommendation. Plus I find this type of cardio not as taxing on the energy system as its high-intensity counterpart (HIIT).

Respect your bodies and understand there are direct consequences to the chemicals we ingest. Our bodies are trying to balance out whatever we do to them, its called homeostasis. Constantly in survival mode.


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