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A few things to remember before adding in anything to your current nutrition structure.

  1. Do you understand what the supplement is for?
  2. Have you got the foundations of your nutrition plan right beforehand?

Before considering anything new, we recommend getting your nutrition structure on point. You can get most of your nutrient needs from food! And food is always going to be better than supplements. They are for that purpose and that purpose only – to “supplement” food. If you are missing a meal, for example, you could add a protein supplement. Or if your training hard, hypertrophy training, putting the body and central nervous system through serious strain we recommend to get a good recovery supplement to replace the sugars lost during a tough session, along with quick recovery.

Another recommended/ tried-and-tested supplement is creatine monohydrate. Essential “muscle energy” needed to lift/use the anaerobic energy system. Topping up your muscle phosphocreatine stores which in turn creates ATP (or muscle energy). One of the few supplements that have stood the test of time and is used still by modern athletes.

Branch chain amino acids I have found useful for those on a calorie deficit and putting in the volume in the gym. Ultimately used for quick recovery and continuously feeding your muscles/ promoting protein synthesis during times of excess strain and lower overall calorie consumption. There are also some studies that show BCAA’s reduce the feeling of fatigue due to reduced transport of tryptophan to the brain. However, this research is inconclusive at best and I’m a firm believer that supplements are subjective to the individual. Some may respond really well, while others see no real benefit.

Do your research! Are you eating enough food with a nutrient dense macro split with plenty of essential aminos and a good balance of carbs/fats/protein?

Are you training hard enough? 9 times out of 10 a progress plateau can be fixed by tidying up nutrition and putting in extra effort in the gym rather than introducing a new supplement hoping for that “magical pill” effect.