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As the fitness industry is at an all-time high and everyone is looking for their own slice of the fitness life, there’s never been a better time to hit the gym! Science has come a long way in guiding us in the direction we need to go when it comes to exercise and nutrition. But tackling this alone can be tough! studies show that couples who work out together increase their chances of success dramatically. Your twice as likely to hit your training volume, reduce unnecessary snacking and get the cardio done if you have a partner stood sweating with you.

Luke from Body Culture says “From experience double personal training sessions and are an absolute winner when it comes to results. I find my clients stick to their nutrition plans better, work harder and longer than before in the gym and are overall much happier as a couple with an element of discipline introduced to their lifestyles”

If your partner isn’t on the plan with you and they’re not regimented, they are more likely to tempt you with unnecessary mid-week treats and pull you off course. Having to smell your partners takeaway meal when you know yours isn’t scheduled in until the weekend is tough! Why not work together in the week, help each other succeed and stop each other from slipping. Then when the weekend comes to enjoy a guilt-free takeaway meal or go out and have a romantic meal together. At Body Culture we believe in giving our members a reward meal once per week and a flexible, multi-choice meal plan during the week along with a balanced, challenging workout regime. No huge calorie deficits or ridiculous workloads, just small manageable changes over the whole programme. This process becomes MUCH easier when you team up with your loved one. Train together, eat together, resist temptation together and enjoy your weekends together knowing you’ve made great progress!

Over the next month, we are offering a DOUBLE membership offer in which your partner trains for free! This has not been done before but as we are a results-driven fitness facility we believe the progress made by our members will be more valuable than simply charging more.

Join the Body Culture family and witness the beginning of a new forward-thinking movement within the gym/fitness facility industry with our members at the forefront!

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