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Our team is there to help YOU in every aspect of your fitness journey. No more guessing in the gym or with your nutrition. You will learn as you progress. We have readily available information and online content to answer any questions you may have whilst away from the gym OR alternatively use our online forum for instant contact with YOUR coach 24/7.


We’re all on this journey together. When you join us you become one of the BC family! Together we will grow, achieve a sense of belonging and never feel uncomfortable in the gym environment. Just simply a family of like minded individuals all working together to achieve their goals! No Ego, just GREAT community spirit and work ethic!


Unlike other gyms within the industry Body culture prides itself on having a community of members/clients all connected via the online database. The Equipment will have explanatory videos on how to use properly/ safely accessible via the BC app. Not sure what/how to train? We have explanatory videos covering everything you need to know to train safely, eat properly and more importantly PROGRESS you to your goals! Not enough help is given to members in the industry, they are simply asked to sign a form and are left to fend for themselves in a very complicated and potentially dangerous environment. Body Culture looks to address this gap within the industry and offer support and guidance to EVERY member whenever needed. We are a Results gym! NOT a battery hen gym!


We strive on having the BEST MEMBER RESULTS in all of Lancashire. When you join us you are starting a journey to your DREAM BODY or PEAK FITNESS LEVEL. Both wholly achievable with your hard work and expert BC guidance along with proper nutrition designed for you and your body type and training plans designed to compliment your busy lifestyle. Our progress pictures speak for themselves. No fad/ crash diets or huge calorie deficits. Tried and tested methods that have worked for hundreds of clients before you. You’re in good hands with the BC team.


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With the right guidance you’ll be surprised how quickly you make results. It’s all in the programme! Check out some of the amazing results achieved by BC clients. IT WORKS!